SEO Experts are Hard to Come by These Days

Are You Really an Expert?

Every one claims to be an SEO expert after they’ve watched a few videos probably from Neil Patel. Or maybe they took a bogus program that taught them basic tips to optimize a web page. But they likely did not learn how to build backlinks to a website in a way that increases their rankings to number one and makes people some money.

Real search engine optimization consultants can take any website that does not have a penalty and take it to the first page of almost any search phrase. The hard search terms to rank for though are in the money getting and health niche. Search engines don’t want to allow anyone to give advice on how people treat their ailments or how they invest their money.

The longer the keyword phrase, the easier it is to rank for too. Even phrases that may seem easy to rank for can take a really long time because it’s just a two word phrase. We advise that people start with trying to rank for longer tail keywords and then work their way to the more competitive ones.

On or Off-Page SEO

On page SEO is very important but if you don’t know how to do Off page, then you’re gonna be cutting yourself very short in many cases. 90% of the battle may be the On Page factors but when there’s more competition, then you have to have more relevant backlinks.

Paid traffic is an under utilized aspect of search engines because most people don’t have a clue on how to do it. PPC campaigns can help so much for those keywords that you just can’t invest in ranking organically for but you still can get traffic from. Make sure that you are covering all the areas you can of the internet because choosing one is just limiting.

Over Optimization

Over optimization can happen a lot of ways so you have to be careful when you’re doing your own SEO or if you entrust someone to do it for your business. The different ways to over optimize, are keyword stuffing your content (meaning you have your keywords an unusual percentage of overall text), using the same keyword over and over in your domain, url, and title combination.

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

The Basics of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of optimizing the URL, meta data, anchor text, and content of web pages. The search engines operate with an algorithm that scores URL’s based on keyword phrases and ranks them in order of relevance. There are several search engines that people use prominently but the market is mostly owned by one website.

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